It seems like every post from the last two months has been about Mia. And I guess rightly so because now day and night  revolve around her whether I like it all the time or not. I thought I would step outside this weekend a bit during Mia’s naptime and capture a little bit of what has been going on in our yard lately. We are still working dilligently. (mostly Tim working for obvious reasons)  Everything is in bloom and along with those blooms are coming a wide array of bees, wasps, and hornets. I have been sprinting out the front door lately to avoid the hornets that we could not figure out where they were attempting to nest. Well I found them yesterday as I was innocently trimming my roses. About two inches from my face I found their nest on the stem of our agapantha. Bizarre. I have never seen a hornet’s nest on the stem of a plant.

While my mom was visiting last week I helped her plant some marigolds to add some color to the back yard. It was pretty funny trying attempting to plant them as I have never dug holes faster in my life anticipating Mia to wake up any second to end my backyard fun. It was true teamwork as I dug the holes and my mom planted. I think we finished planting the entire flat in a matter of 15 minutes. A new record for sure.

And lastly, the side yard is starting to come along. We still have a long way to go but we planted four crepe myrtles this past weekend. They have such beautiful red blooms. I love these trees.