Let me start off with how much I love this new bundle of joy, but the last four weeks have been frustrating. As most of you moms out there know by my “help me” emails to you, Mia has not been the easiest baby. We thought she had reflux, we thought she was colicky, we couldn’t figure out if she was constantly being overstimulated. She never slept! Well this week we got our answer and a different baby in a matter of hours. Our first visit to the pediatrician at four weeks revealed a lot. (Next time I will insist on an earlier visit before the 4 week mark) Upon weighing Mia, we found out that she was back at her birth weight! By this point she should have been about 10 lbs. Instead she was only 8lbs 8 oz. She hadn’t gained anything! She was starving! Poor thing. She had been using me as a pacifier the last month and only getting enough milk to maintain her weight. So in the last few days she has actually taken quite a few naps, she started smiling (that was day 1 of different baby in the post below) and she has been guzzling the formula. In the meantime, I have to start over from square one to build back up my milk supply and get her to learn how to feed properly. It seems like an uphill battle, but the trade off is that she is a much gentler baby on her parents.