Gone are the days of endless sleep. We knew it was coming but there really is no way to gear up for this sort of madness. I am realizing now that it makes no difference that I was able to store up sleep for 10 hours a night for the majority of my life. When I was a baby my mom would have to come and check on me to see if I was still alive after 12 hours of sleep. In college I even managed to adhere to my 10 o clock bedtime while everyone else on my floor was out partying. I valued sleep that much! (it made for some embarrassing nights as the fire alarm was often pulled around midnight and I was the only one in my pajamas to come sauntering out) and even all through my 20’s as a teacher I valued sleep the most as I knew that I would have to be “on”
first thing in the morning to discipline 35 kids. (I often times envied Tim’s desk job, but not long enough to truly consider one) So the huge shift to only a couple hours a night has been…well huge.

As for Tim, I thought he would be the rock star in the sleep area. Tim could always thrive well on only 5 hours
and always stayed up much later than I ever could. However, after watching Tim the last few weeks this has not been the case. I am beginning to realize that he needs solid sleep for shorter hours in order to survive and there is nothing solid about our routine at the moment.

This lack of sleep has led to some pretty funny (incoherent) conversations in the middle of the night. When I wake up at night I have no idea where the baby is. Is she in my arms feeding endlessly still? Is she in her bassinet? Does Tim
have her? I am delirious and so I start giving Tim directions on what to do with the baby. Poor Tim, one night he was so
confused as I kept telling him the baby needed to be swaddled. Tim jumped out of bed and was standing over the
bassinet trying to figure out how to swaddle an already
sleeping swaddled baby. Another night I was asking Tim what
time it was since we last fed Mia. I must have been leaving
words to my sentence out because Tim kept thinking I was asking him, “What Is it?” Tim just replied, “It’s a girl!” Everyone keeps telling me it gets better. Until then I am sure I will have many more good stories to tell.