My sister finally got to meet and hold Mia for the first time
Cousin Rudy checking out Mia for the first time

Tim’s little brother David got married this weekend in Salinas. I was really nervous traveling with Mia for the first time, but she did great. We were able to stay with my parents in San Juan Bautista. The wedding festivities started on Thurs. Night with the rehearsal dinner. I decided to keep Mia home with me at my parent’s house for the dinner while Tim attended and then stayed the night with David. It was my first night without Tim to help with the baby so I was nervous. I am so thankful that my mom stepped up big time to help me out in the middle of the night. On Friday night we attended the small family ceremony. Mia was such a champ she slept through the entire thing. Then on Saturday we attended the reception which was a big outdoor bbq. Once again Mia slept through the whole thing! Of course with all that sleeping she was left with no alternative but to cry off and on the whole way home. Overall she was a trooper. It was a fun and exhausting weekend.