Mia’s areas of strength

1. Holding her head up all by herself for extended periods of time while looking around.
2. Her incredible sucking reflex. Her hands are always in her mouth. She had full thumb sucking position mastered by day 2.
She breastfeeds with a vengeance!
3. Producing actual tears by day 10. I keep reading that most babies don’t develop tear ducts until 2 months of age. It is so much worse to see her cry with actual tears.
4. Her alertness is out of this world. She will follow my voice with her head from across the room.
5. Beginning to roll on her side on the changing table.

Mia’s areas of weakness

1. Her alertness as stated above keeps her up for 7 hours at a time making for 2 exhausted parents.
2. Her strong will makes for fits of rage where it is impossible to change a diaper or clothes as her limbs go completely rigid.

So where does she get that from?
1. Need to be in contol- Debra
2. Stubbornness to fall asleep- Tim
3. Overachiever tear ducts- Debra (always was the crier)
4. Nail biter tendencies- Tim (always chewing on something)