I think our birth story is one that all began pretty normal only to take on the twist of miraculous at the end.

Being that I was now on the verge of one week overdue, my doctor had scheduled regular stress tests. So I spent what was supposed to be a quick afternoon last Thursday at French hospital into a long monitoring process where they were concerned that her movements were not detecting a healthy regulation of her heart.  After five hours of this monitoring I met with my doctor to talk about induction. Basically the choice was mine to make and I needed to let him know before the long holiday weekend.  The heartbeat was fine (just not detecting tons of movement) and we were not worried about her. I decided not to induce, but wait and pray that she would come naturally over the weekend or then we would induce on Tuesday after the weekend when my doctor was back.

Sure enough I went into labor the next morning. I labored all day at home before going to the hospital with contractions 2-3 minutes apart. We checked into French at 4pm. Come to find out that I had only dilated a whopping 1 cm. however, they didn’t send me home because of the heartbeat monitoring. I then labored until 2 in the morning on Saturday
that’s when I got my epidural. I was now 2cm dilated. It was going to be a long haul. The epidural was the best thing I could have done! Simply
amazing! (although not so amazing after affects) At this point the doctors decided to induce with cytadel  (spelling?) first and then pitocin. I was finally ready to push at 7:30 pm sat night. Mia was then born at 9:39pm.

When Mia was born her umbilical chord was wrapped tightly around her neck.  She also had a lot of meconium (poop) in her lungs. She was not breathing and did not have a heartbeat. I believe the doctor knew all of this at the end and so there were 3 respiratory therapists on hand and other nurses entering the room. I am still not sure how I was spared a c section. My regular doctor was not delivering. I wonder if he would have done things differently. So Mia received 5 min and 33 seconds of CPR on the spot.  It was the most horrible 5 or so minutes of our lives and I don’t think that Tim and I have ever prayed harder together in our lives. The Lord is definitely good because she came out of it like a fighter and has been the healthiest baby after spending that first night in the nursery without us. We are so happy to be home with her now after spending 5 days in the hospital.

Mia means “from God” and her birth story is a true testament that the Lord gives all life!