I know you are probably thinking this post is all about baby, and indirectly it is, but I would like to address the jet setting vacation my ipad has been on. No, it still has not arrived! I ordered it close to a month ago, and it was expected to arrive 2 weeks ago. So I have been doing some tracking to figure out where in the world is my ipad. Let me tell you, it has been on quite the voyage. I’m almost jealous as I sit constantly in my recliner now surfing the same travel sites I used to surf, but now realizing that there are absolutely no travel plans in the immediate future. So I received confirmation that my ipad was shipped from where else in the world but China. Had I known it was going to be shipped from China I would have just gone down to the store and picked one up. But the convenience of my recliner made me unwisely choose ordering it on the internet. So from China, I have followed my ipad to an island in Hong Kong, then off to Taiwan, then to Japan, back to China, and now to Alaska. I am quite excited that it actually in the US at the moment. I am actually giving myself quite the geography lesson on a daily basis. It is funny because I came across many chat rooms where people are ranting and raving about their ipad being stuck on an island overseas. Such comments like, “there must be so many ipads stacked up on that island, it has now sunk,” are seriously cracking me up. More importantly, we are all wondering when that baby girl is going to arrive. 6 days until the ominous due date. She seems pretty content to stay put for the time being. So with all things, (ipad included) God’s timing always works out best.