So I have a confession to make… I have followed every rule of thumb, every bit of advice, listened earnestly (and even took notes) in all my childbirth classes, but I couldn’t help myself when it came to my weekly doctor’s apt. two weeks ago. The routine is always the same when walking into the doctor’s office. Sign in, head to the bathroom to do the lovely urine test, and then head to the scale to weigh myself. Keep in mind these are all independent activities. All was going well until it was time to get on the scale. I had tennis shoes on this particular week and I just didn’t feel like (well couldn’t to be exact) bending over to take them off. I usually am just wearing flip flops and throw them aside along with my purse and any unnecessary layers of clothing. Well after weighing myself, I thought my weight seemed a little high so of course I reasoned that it had to be because of my shoes and sweater. I figured all of that excess weighed about 2-3 lbs. Seemed perfectly logical in my head until I told Tim how much I estimated and the engineer in him estimated it was more like ounces instead of pounds that I was adding. So when the nurse asked me my weight I rounded down by those 2-3 lbs. What I didn’t anticipate was when I would go in the following week and have to give my next weight report. Technically at this stage you are not supposed to be gaining any more weight. I seem to be packing it all on at the end! So the next week I had to follow suit and continue to knock off the few pounds to make it seem logical and consistent with how much weight I was supposed to be gaining. Oh man! Didn’t anticipate my weekly appearance on the scale as I had been used to going to the doctor once a month before this. The slippery slope had begun. My one lie now had to turn into two. It’s funny how that happens so quickly. I had another checkup today and completely didn’t even think to keep up my routine and when the nurse asked me my weight I just blurted it out and she was quite surprised at how much I had gained! Yikes! At least the doctor didn’t say anything. I’m glad I don’t have to keep up the routine any longer. The truth is now back on the table.