I did it! I ordered the new ipad! I’m actually quite giddy about this recent purchase. I have gone back and forth since the new ipad came out as to whether or not this is actually what I wanted to save all my hard earned money on. I just can’t make decisions like this easily, and poor Tim has heard me debate back and forth for the last few months. I originally wanted an e-reader and so I looked into the nook and kindle pretty extensively. But as Tim put it nicely one evening, “Are you really a reader?” Haha. In reality I really just want this really cool piece of technology to read books out loud to me. What really sold the ipad for me is having the baby. I love all the features that I can use while sitting in baby’s room. I’m excited to take way too many pictures of her, make videos, skype and facetime with family, have ibooks read aloud to me, listen to music, and discover many apps. Of course I ordered the pink cover. It doesn’t arrive for at least 2 more weeks so the race is on to see which pink swaddled gift will arrive first. Hopefully I’ll have some time to figure it all out before the baby arrives. Otherwise, it will probably be Tim’s new toy for a while as I’m sure I will be quite busy.