Tim and I have enjoyed a long weekend as we both had five days off. I have “ski week” from school and Tim of course continues to have furloughs. I’m sad to say it is all going to come to an end tomorrow though as we have to set our alarms. We got to see a bunch of family up north this weekend as we stayed with both Charity and Debra’s family. We got back into town yesterday and Tim started to work on the backyard patio. At this point it is tons of dirt removal. Removing clay is ridiculous! Let’s just say that after one day of digging the yard looks about 4 times worse than when we started and that brought on some serious doubts of what on earth are we doing?! I don’t even want to take pictures yet of the demo caused by the tractor on the side yard and front yard. It is not pretty.

These blooms were georgeous outsitde of a winery we visited in Morgan Hill with Charity and friends.

Clos la Chance Winery

This was the second winery that we visited. Basically this was the home of the winemakers and their tasting room was off to the side.

This is the tasting room. It reminded me of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride at Disneyland. Apparently the wine wasn't that good. Just some very wealthy people venturing into the wine business.

It is always so much fun seeing our nephew Rudy, especially when he is smiling. He hasn't been doing tons of that lately.

Backyard demo