Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite days! One of the reasons I love the day so much is because I get to share it with my students. Do you remember how much excitement there was on Valentine’s Day when you were in elementary school? Do you remember making valentines for all your classmates and picking the ones with the right words to give to the boys in your class? I spent some of Saturday making out valentines for all 35 of my students. I definitely had to choose the ones that were neutral in fear that my students would think their teacher was a little crazy giving valentines out to boys that were mushy. We spent two days last week decorating shoe boxes to prepare the places where the students would drop their valentines today in class. It was a frenzy of glue, construction paper, and tissue paper (specialty item for decorating this year) in my classroom. The kids were so into it I finally had to cut their time short after 3 hours of decorating to get something done academically in the day. So today was the big day, everyone passed out their valentines and there were endless smiles as the shoeboxes filled to the brim. I of course was not thinking about making my very own shoe box, so the kids kept asking today where my shoe box was to put my Valentine’s in. Oops.

As for Tim and I… well, I told Tim this year that we could spend the money on the backyard patio instead going out to dinner like we usually do. A sign we are getting older, I must say. However, I was still treated to Carl’s Jr. Hand breaded chicken tenders are a pregnant wife’s dream at the moment!

This is what I came home with today from the kids! I'm not a big chocolate fan so Tim was quite excited. I loved all the little hand written notes and cards.

This card took the cake... The tail actually wagged and the tongue moved up and down

But the inside was the kicker... This card also came with a gigantic box of 1lb chocolates. The student also mentioned to me that he knew I was working on his report card this week and wanted to make a good impression. Hmmmm.....