We had been blessed with absolutely beautiful weather over the last three weeks. With temperatures in the 70’s it already feels like spring. It is crazy to watch the entire rest of the country in deep freeze and appreciate the fact that even though we pay way too much to live in California, we wouldn’t move anywhere else because the weather here trumps all. So the weather naturally brought us out to the backyard. We decided that it was time to get started on the “backyard remodel” that we have talked about over the last year and a half. We have two giant hillsides to tend to so we started weeding with fury and then put down wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of bark. Tim planted lots of grapes along one hillside to act as a barrier for privacy from the nearby street. We have no plans of making our own wine, they are only table grapes.  There is nothing like yard work to exhaust you at the end of the day and to make you begin thinking about how nice it would be if we only had a hot tub in the backyard. We have actually had those “hot tub” thoughts for quite some time. Tim is very into hot tubs. All the hot tub discussion then led to us thinking if we were going to attempt to put a hot tub in, why not do it right and add a small pool attached to the hot tub. It is Paso Robles after all with summer time temperatures well above 100 degrees. It is the right thing to do! So now we are seriously trying to figure out if our “hot tub/pool” day dream can be put into action. Well, the weather has not strayed us differently thus far, so with temperatures that are supposed to be in the 70’s again this weekend, Tim is going to “break ground”, at least on the patio. We’ll see about the hot tub.

Hillside #1 Lots of bark!

The hillside will be knocked down to become a patio. Right below will be the hot tub/pool dream.

Hillside #2. A good view of the new garden beds Tim built and his fabulous composter I bought him for Christmas.

A good picture of the bare root grapes starting out.