We have been working away in the baby’s room lately. Tim spent many hours taping off the walls to make yellow and white stripes for me. The room was already painted yellow and he added the white stripes. It is amazing how much better the new painter’s tape works for this kind of project. He peeled off the tape and it looked great. (If you are painting stripes don’t skimp for the cheap tape) I went and bought canvases and attempted to make my own bird artwork. At times I think it looks like a third grade collage and at others I really like it. I mod podged a bunch of “white” backgrounds from the Pottery Barn magazine and then cut the bird and leaves out of the crib bedding. I think I will keep them. I just keep reminding myself that they are not too bad for the overall price of $11. (Gotta love Michael’s coupons) The branch was found in the empty field behind our house. I am going to eventually resew the birds in the branch to match the crib fabric. Those are my trial birds. The angle that I took the picture makes the branch look really upright but it is more arching in the room over the corner. My only splurge was for the bird cage from Pottery Barn. I thought I could find a bird cage anywhere cheap, but those things are pricy! We have an old dresser to refinish next. I’ll keep you posted.