>Alright…here’s the first picture at exactly 4 months. Can you tell? I don’t know…. Funny story from my fifth graders…. They were very excited when I told them that I was pregnant. There was the collective gasp, and then a rousing round of applause out of the blue. It was really cute. So the students have been going home and telling their parents that I am pregnant. Some of them apparently in creative ways. I got an email from a parent last week that made me laugh.

One of my students went home after school and his parents had just had the carpet cleaned and all the furniture was moved out of the house. So he was messing around in the freshly cleaned carpet drawing designs with his foot. He soon announced to his parents that he had a very special announcement to make, but that it was written in the carpet. Well the message read, “She’s pregnant” There might have been a little confusion at home until he clarified that the “she” was indeed Mrs. Romano. Ha!

So same student two weeks later… I get a phone call in the morning when I am teaching math from the other 5th grade math teacher. He wanted to ask me if the two boys in my class with the same last name were actually twins. (yes, he had been teaching them for the last 4 months…another blog chapter could reveal totally funny stories about this other teacher) So I answered him on the phone, “yes, they’re twins” and hung up. (a little annoyed that I was being interupted on my fabulous lesson of triple digit multiplication) So later the same day, this same “carpet writing” student approaches me looking only at my belly and says, ” so you’re having twins?” I was really confused thinking, wow, did I really look that big to the kids already? Obviously it took a few minutes to figure out that he had gathered that from my earlier phone conversation about the twins in my class. I quickly sent him out to lunch, reassuring him that I was not having twins!