>Some of you know, but many of you probably don’t know that almost exactly a year ago I had a pretty serious miscarriage after about 3 months. Our lives really seemed shattered after hearing the news. I had surgery to have the baby removed in December and then found out that it was called a molar pregnancy. I had never heard of the thing, but apparently it was pretty serious. I had some abnormal cells growing after the surgery and they could potentially become cancerous. So every two weeks I went in to get my blood checked to make sure my hormone levels were normalizing. The doctor told us that we could not get pregnant for a year in case the cancer showed up. Talk about having to seriously wait on the Lord and understand his timing and hand in everything that we just couldn’t understand. Thankfully my hormone levels normalized about 7 months later (this July) and I was able to stop doing the bloodwork this September. Shortly after we were in the clear. I am now 15 weeks pregnant!!!! I am due on May 20th. Tim and I are so thankful for the Lord’s hand in all of this and continue to pray for a healthy baby. We really learned a lot in this last year, whether we wanted to or not. This pregnancy is considered a high risk pregnancy, so of course I have my daily worries that I am trying to overcome. We were already able to see ultrasounds at 6 and 9 weeks, and heard the heartbeat last week. Hooray! Pregnancy really is a miracle to behold and we are learning that more each day.