I couldn’t quite figure out how to blog all about the great week we had in Maui, so I think I am going to have to sum it up according to adventures. There is so much to do in Maui and while laying on the beach for a week sounded great to me we filled our time lots more than that. One of the coolest things that we did was bike down Mt. Haleakala. (10,000 ft volcano) Not only did we bike down it, but we did it all at sunrise. We were picked up from our condo at 1:30 in the morning and driven up the mountain. We made it there around 5 and watched a spectacular sunrise. From there we got on bikes and biked down the windy road of the mountain face. It was pretty incredible cruising at around 30mph for about 90 min and never having to pedal. You’ll notice that we look like we are dressed for Alaska. It was really cold at the top of the mountain.