>Just looking at these two pictures crack me up. It is so obvious to see the differences in personality between Tim and I. Tim thought it would make a cool picture if I layed down in the wildflowers. At first I refused and but then gave in after some more pleading. Do I not look terribly uncomfortable in this picture? All I could think about was what insect would bite me, what might get in my hair, or what snake might wander over and wonder what I was doing on this level. Tim on the other hand had no problem being amongst the wildflowers and probably could have been quite happy taking in the view for ten minutes or so from down there. What I wouldn’t give for that laid back, no stress personality. It is something I have to work for on a daily basis…acutally an hourly basis. I really don’t think I will ever achieve it. I’m so glad my better half makes a great compliment to all the stress in a day so nicely.