>We decided that after five months of being in our new place, it was time to begin to tackle the landscaping. Having bought a bank owned home, it was apparent that no one had done anything to the yard in quite a while. The grass was being taken over by weeds and most of it was dead. In this picture the lawn actually looks pretty good because it was just watered. The hillside is another beast that we are going ot have to tackle.

The city was offering a rebate program for those saving water. They gave us $500 to tear out our lawn and do a dryscape. We didn’t want to water all of this lawn all summer here anyway with the extreme heat, so we took them up on their offer.

Tim built this really cool rock wall as a feature. We will also be building a couple more on the side of the house. We planted an olive tree in front of this wall.

We also went for the river rock dry bed feature. I was extremely sore after helping Tim put all of these rocks in place.

The best part was heading to the nursery and going on a shopping spree for new drought tolerant plants. (grasses, sage, lavender, breath of heaven, agapanthas, etc.) We will keep you updated on the finished product. Next step, lots of bark!