>March has been totally crazy at school. It is the longest month of our school year and is completely packed. I took the fifth graders to outdoor science camp for three days (which was totally exhausting) I only had 1 student throw up on me! (A new record) Tim and I celebrated our two year anniversary on March 15! Sad to say, but I was away at camp. The next week was open house. The big horrah for every project imaginable to mankind. Which included grading them all. I am happy to say that as April approaches, spring break begins. I am so ready for a break.

Artwork gracing the halls. Making us beautiful on the outside as well.

This 3D state report map of Wisconsin was actually made out of Velveeta cheese. Makes sense right… Wisconsin? I was not tempted to eat this one when the kids left for the day.

Another awesome smelling project. Ever made a cake in the shape of South Dakota?

This 3D map of Hawaii smelled phenominal. It was made from brownies. Every time I would walk by I contemplated sneaking a little bite. So glad I never attempted eating it, I heard the boy describing to his friend how he put glue in the brownie mix to make it stick together.

These were book reports representing an animal as the main character of their book. They enjoyed showing these off more than they did having to stand in front of the class giving a 3-5 min oral report on their book.

We have been working on sacrifices for lent during the last six weeks. Every day the students have to write how they are doing with their sacrifice. Some of them are pretty funny. For example: “My goal is to take out the trash without my mom asking me” Journal Response: “The trash wasn’t full. I didn’t have to do anything.” We are talking big sacrifices here…

The cool thing about this 3D state map was that each piece was a cut up sponge and represented the different counties in Kansas. Her parents commented that it started out pretty easy until they realized how many counties there were in Kansas. Apparently there was no turning back.

Believe it or not, all of these projects in one room and 36 fifth graders! You don’t want to know the craziness during the day that it was to store the projects in any nook and cranny available so they could actually use their desk space. Being so anti-clutter that I am, I think I had the hardest time with all the projects in the room at once. The kids loved it of course.