>I came across this post on craigslist’s barter section a couple of days ago and it made me think.

My dear 90 year old friend has survived World War 2, three years in a prison camp, an incredibly happy 62 year marriage, and is in the final transition of his life. He said to me the other day that he wished he could get out and meet some new people to learn about their lives. So here is what I am proposing: If you are over 50, a man or woman, and would like to come to our home for a cup of tea and a chat about your life, I woul dlove to hear from you. If you have something to say, I have a gentle and patient listener who is exilerated to learn about your life. Eagerly anticipating your reply.
– Hopeful

What a great opportunity to share your life with someone that obviously has many stories of his own. What a great opportunity for Christian service. I wonder if he would just want to hear about your life if you asked him questions about his own. It made me think about the many times people ask me how my weekend was and I forget to ask them how theirs was. It made me think about actually taking the time out of my day to slow down and sit for a cup of tea. It made me think about many of the elderly in rest homes that would love a visit. It made me think of the many times that I resisted going into a rest home to see my 92 year old grandma because it wasn’t a comfortable situation. I think that it is a good reminder on life. It hit home with me.