Tim and I (well mostly I) have been trying to solve the problem of him getting home from work and emptying the contents of his pockets and hands on the counter or usually on top of the dryer when he walks in the door. This includes wallet, mail, loose change, cell phone, receipts, etc. Then come laundry time, I get thoroughly frustrated shuffling everything around. I had to come to realize that I have my purse that I have all of this junk in and guys are just out of luck. Therefore, Tim gets the bad rap of the messy husband, while I just throw my purse down where I please because everything is contained. I have been searching for a long time for an organzer system that everything can go in. They have all those fancy charging station getups now, but we really don’t want to charge anything, we (I) just want to hide the stuff. I discovered that Pottery Barn has the monopoly on these sorts of organizers. Now, my favorite store is Pottery Barn, but I can’t always justify the funds. I found the perfect organizer (wood box) at Pottery Barn, but it was $85! So I put Tim on it, and he set to work on the organizer with his leftover wood from the entertainment center. It turned out great, everything has its place, and my dryer is free of clutter.