>It was a beautiful, warm, and sunny day, so we headed outdoors for some great scenery. We drove out to Stillwater Winery, which is about 10 minutes from our house, to enjoy the weather. Tim (still drinking left over cokes from the super bowl party)

Debra (loving that she gets to wear a tanktop in February, but desperately needing a tan)

This is the tasting room. There were olive trees over 100 years old all over the property that made some very tasty olive oil, lots of daffodils, you can tell spring is right around the corner, and a coy pond that was really peaceful to sit next to with all the water running into it.

These were the chairs we were sitting in pictured above. A great view of vineyards and the green rolling hills. Tim nailed it when I told him I wanted to visit a winery with good scenery
and a view.

This year for Valentine’s Day I had the option of flowers or fruit trees. I thought I would go with the trees as they are a little more long term, and we need to start focusing our efforts on landscaping. It is bare root fruit tree season and now is the best time to plant. We bought a peach, plum, and apricot. We can’t wait until summer time to enjoy all the fruit.

We have a pretty steep slope on the side of our house in the back, so we figured this would be a good spot for the trees. (Once again another blog post where Tim is hard at work)