Tim and I spent a quiet New Year’s Eve in Paso this year with just the two of us. It had been a while since we had gone on an actual date, so we decided that New Year’s Eve would be as good a night as any. We went out to dinner at Villa Creek downtown where we had some very tasty food. We have a whole new set of restaurants downtown that we have yet to try. I had a delicious winter squash soup and porkchops while Tim had butternut squash enchiladas. It definitely made me want to cook more with winter squashes. After dinner we came back to the house, made chocolate chip cookies, and watched a movie. It always seems like there is a big expectation to do something grand on New Year’s Eve. I will probably still conjure up big ideas for next year like that posh cabin in the snow with all your friends around, or that rooftop villa to ring in the New Year, but I must say that I rather enjoyed spending time with Tim this year.
As for resolutions, I’m usually not the type to make them or if I do they last about a month. So my goal is that I have decided that I would like to be less lazy this year. This probably encompasses many resolutions in one. Of course that means excercising more. (actually using my gym membership) Reading my bible more consistently. And not relying on Tim to do so many things for me because it is convenient. (For example, “Tim I think the dog wants to go outside, maybe you should let her in the backyard” Meanwhile I sit two feet from him asking him to do this simple thing for me)
Tim is usually the one to have many resolutions. However, this year the roles are reversed. He did say that he intends to finish my Christmas present sometime this year. He is making me an entertainment center for tht tv. For Christmas I bought him a saw that he wanted and he had the idea of making me the tv stand. Can’t wait for the finished product.