>I have been putting off blogging about our move because it doesn’t quite seem real yet. Tim and I have been talking about moving to north county for quite a while now and finally decided to put the house up for sale. With the interest rates so good right now as well as the housing market, we are able to get so much more for our money in north county. So we put our house on the market to test the waters. Well, it sold the first day with a full price offer! We were in complete shock. I prayed that the Lord would open up doors if he wanted us to move, and sure enough we were answered quite quickly. We did not have any home in particular that we were hoping to move into and now we were looking at having to leave our home with a 45 day escrow. The next week it started to fall into place as a house became available in Paso Robles for a bank owned price we couldn’t turn down. We will have plenty of room to grow into this house someday. (No, I’m not pregnant) So things have happened quite quickly and we are in escrow on the house in Paso now, and will probably be moving at the end of this month. The last few weeks have been a whirlwind to say the least.