>If you haven’t done it yourself, I know you’ve seen someone else doing it. Riding down the aisle in the grocery store on the back of their shopping cart. This works great when there are lots of heavy items in the cart, but what happens when the cart is empty?

I was rolling through home depot as i so often do, and hopped on the back of my cart for a quick ride. This time, I thought, I’ll go big. This time I pushed myself up onto the cart, chest forward, and kicked my feet back superman style. I was impressed at how smoothly I glided along through the garden section… until I tried to put my feet back down.

The empty cart was only balanced as long as my weight was forward. Once I shifted my legs down and chest back, the cart immediately popped into a wheelie. I was completely unprepared for this and subsequently tumbled onto the concrete, the cart rolling on ahead of me.

Immediately I jumped up and looked around to see who was watching. I didn’t see anyone but there happened to be a sliding glass door right behind me and who knows who was looking through the glass and laughing. I did the only thing I could do – pretend like nothing happened and mosey into the next aisle to get my pavers.

Like most husbands would do, I opted not to tell Debra about this fumble when I got home. But when she asked how my ankle got scraped and bloody, the cat was out of the bag. She was quite thankful it happened when she wasn’t with me to suffer the embarrasment of being identified with the 30 year old who still hasn’t quite grown up when it comes to shopping carts and wheelies.