>This morning I woke up and decided to go for a swim and then sit in the hot tub at the gym. I was a little concerned that I might see some of my students in the pool practicing with their swim team, so I called ahead to make sure there were no swim teams in the pool. The lady told me that the pool was clear, so I headed for the gym. Upon arriving I spot 4 students in the pool. I jumped in the far lane and ignored them for a good half hour. It wasn’t until their practice ended that I ran into trouble. A couple kids from my class were standing at the outside showers chatting loudly. (Nothing unusual, I now know they don’t just constantly talk in my class) I was getting really tired of swimming and wanted to get out of the pool, but they were good motivation for me to keep going because I was so inconspicuous in my goggles. Well, I couldn’t handle the pool anymore and they weren’t moving from the showers. I got out and bee lined straight for my towell. Upon this move they spotted me. This is what caught my attention….
“Oh my God, that is my teacher!”
my response: “Oh, hey guys how’s it going?”

Now I really wanted to get into the hot tub so I put my towell around me the best I could and headed for the hot tub. While walking away I hear the chatter…

“Hey everyone, that’s my new 5th grade teacher!”

I would have liked to just wear the towell into the hot tub, but I couldn’t so I dropped it at the last second to get in. This is what I hear next….

“Oh my GOD!!!”

If that doesn’t give someone a complex I don’t know what does. I think I am going to have to pull out the one piece next time. At least they realize that I don’t live in my classroom on the weekends. Can’t wait to see the little darlings Monday morning. Their response usually goes something like this….

“Hey, I saw you at the pool on Saturday.”
my response: “ya, wasn’t that fun!”