Day 18… July 22

We hit the road for Crater Lake today. The lake was beautiful! It gets its really blue color from the snow melt. This is the deepest lake in the US formed from a volcano. When we arrived, there was no wind and you could see the reflections of the clouds in the water. There is a 1 mile hike down to the lake that is super steep. This is the only place all the way around to access the lake. There are only 2 tour boats that they operate in the lake and they had to helicopter them in. The mosquitos here were out of control!!! We made it down the trail to touch the icy water and then headed back up in record time (due to the mosquitos) We camped in the park and of course got in the tent early for fear of more bites. The weather was really warm (about 90) and it was really weird to see snow covering the ground in places still. The 4 Runner his 90,000 miles here! We also noticed that our front license plate was missing! We couldn’t exactly remember if we ever had one in the first place or if it was stolen in Eugene. (They really don’t like Californians there)