Day 16… July 20

We reluctantly decided to cut short our stay in Victoria due to ferry schedules. Before we left we visited Butchart Gardens. There were over 55 acres of phenomenal gardens that we toured! We have never seen anything like it. There were rose gardens, Japanese gardens, Italian gardens, etc. They have 50 gardners working round the clock keeping this place beautiful. When we boarded the ferry we then traveled to Port Angeles and the Olympic Peninsula. This is one of the few rainforests in the US (over 10 ft of rain a year) The weather was super nice, sunny and hot! Not what we were expecting. We anticipated staying the night in Forks, Washington but when we got there we realized the town was booked because it is where the author of Twilight based all of the novels. Crazy! Everyone was there to see the town so we had to camp outside of town. The campsite proved to be better. It had a really nice creek running beside it and it was perfect warm camping weather. Couldn’t help but think there might be vampires lurking…