>Day 10… July 14

This morning we arrived in Ketchikan. We got off the boat early and headed for the fishing tackle store to buy fishing licenses. Tim and his dad brought their poles and tackle boxes so they were pretty much set. We headed up the street into town and fished off a bridge. I tagged along giving my expert advice on fishing and then jaunting off every now and then to shop in the town. I could not believe the amount of salmon running down the creek. It seemed next to impossible not to catch these 4 ft fish swarming their lures. (Tim almost had one on his line at one point but it pulled away, and they didn’t catch a thing) There were also bald eagles everywhere diving down to the water to catch the huge amount of fish just jumping out of the water. Back on the boat we headed for the hot tub. It was pretty cold in Alaska! It was also a very weird feeling to wait for the sun to set later and later each night. (About 9:30 tonight)