>Day 7… July 12

We woke up this morning in Vancouver, Canada! We drove in yesterday after hitting a major traffic jam. Driving in Canada is a little different! Seeing speed limit signs such as 100 km instead of 55mph was great! (That only amounts to 60 mph) After walking the main street in Vancouver (Robson St) last night we were ready to hit Stanley park on bikes. Basically it is a huge park that has a one way biking/walking path all the way around with views of the city and beaches right on the path. It goes for about 10 miles. I haven’t mentioned much about weather yet, but I think we experienced 4 of the best days both in Seattle and Vancouver with highs in the 80’s. So after our long bike ride we decided to skip all of the touristy things and head to the beach to lay out. It was a very relaxing day. We went to a nice dinner at the C Restaurant on the waterfront and had some of the best fish ever! Probably the classiest restaurant we have ever been to. After dinner we took a mini ferry over to Granville Island to walk along the docks. Vancouver really is a great city!