>Day 5 & 6… July 9 & 10

Today we discovered that the direct route in Oregon may not be any faster than the scenic route if you get stuck behind an RV, which happened en route to Portland. We stopped in Portland for donuts…yes donuts. Before we left on this trip we were watching one of those travel channel specials that was an episode on “most outragous places to eat.” Of course Tim was not going to miss out on Voodoo Donuts where they put just about anything you can imagine on top of a donut. Tim got the Voodoo vegan donut and to his surprise he pulled the little pretzel out of the donut’s heart and it was covered in red jelly. He continued to eat it further and discovered that the inside was bursting with red jelly. Humorous… From there is was on to Seattle. We found the best way to see Seattle is to get a Seattle CityPass. These passes only cost $50 dollars and you get up to 6 attractions. We opted for the harbor cruise, Experience Music Project (where Tim was excited about the guitar exhibit boasting many famous musician’s guitars and I walked up to Michael Jackson’s white glove without even realizing it was in the place) Science Center (with incredible butterfly exhibit), IMAX 3D Theater, and a ride up the space needle on both days we were there. We also biked all over Seattle to the University of Washington and Pike’s Place famous market.