>Day 4… July 8

This morning we woke up to rain and oil leaking out of the car! We found a place to have the car looked at in Lincoln City, since there was nothing in Neskowin. We dropped the car off at the shop and unloaded the bikes and started biking down HWY 1 in the rain to kill time. This might be my least favorite memory of the trip. Of course Tim was flying down the HWY as I tried to keep up, cars whizzing past us and rain still falling. I came to a stop after not being able to keep up the hill on my bike and of course started to cry. After a few moments of Tim teaching me how to actually use the gears properly on my bike we were off again and I started to smile as I saw a big sign for outlets coming up! After my first purchase at the outlets I remembered that Oregon has no sales tax! I knew the day was going to only get better. It turned out that the car was fine. The people at Jiffy Lube in SLO forgot to properly screw the oil filter back on. grr! So we got back in the car and headed to Pacific City to hike giant sand dunes! It was hard work climbing up the giant dune, but way more fun running down. Then it was off to the Tilamook Cheese Factory (pretty much the only thing Tim really wanted to do in Oregon) We sampled ice cream and cheese galore! We have never tasted better ice cream. I havn’t seen it in the stores around here.