>We recently got new patio furniture for the patio Tim has been working so hard on. It was great to enjoy over spring break, just the dog and I hanging out in the back yard. Well, this week I have gone back to work and apparently the dog has been doing some enjoying herself. Day 1: Tim comes home to find the dog sprawled out on the love seat and gave her a good talking to. Day 2: I come home to find her on the lawn laying on one of the pillows, snagged from the chairs. Day 3: We decided to close the mosquito netting surrounding the gazebo so she could not enter. She somehow enters and gets herself stuck in the gazebo all afternoon. The result is two bite holes in the netting. She spots me coming home from work and frantically tries to get out of the gazebo but is stuck. Day 4: We compromise, put down a sheet for her lay on, and she enjoys the patio all day long. I guess I’m just glad someone gets to enjoy it all day long while we are at work, even if we did spend all that money for it to be the dog’s personal retreat center.