>This morning did not exactly go as planned. The plan was to get up early, get ready for school, and make it out the door in time to get my kids prepared for putting on 8:00 am mass for the entire school. I did wake up early, only not to head to work but to the ER. I have been dealing with some neck issues lately and have been having horrible pain near my spine. So this morning was the morning I couldn’t deal with the pain anymore. Only in San Luis Obispo would we walk into the ER and not have to wait for anything. I was brought right to a room, had x rays taken, and was back home in about an hour. I love small towns. Not to mention an ER Doctor of one of the students that I teach calling the hospital for me to make sure I was well taken care of when I arrived. The X rays came back fine (which is always a blessing and a curse because you still don’t know what is wrong with you) and the Doctor said that I had a mayofascial cervical strain. So I sit here with a neck brace on the couch, realizing that life in my classroom is probably going on as somewhat usual, and learning not to stress out so much about the little things that were most likely the reason the whole neck thing started in the first place.