With much anticipation this past week, we picked up Cali from the vet. As we entered the vet’s office we were warned that we had a “vocal” one. Apparently she barked from the moment she arrived there until we picked her up. (A good 8 hrs.) Of course this was a shock to us because she was the one in the pound that didn’t bark once the entire time we were there. So we took her home and she was obviously in pain from being spayed. She whined the entire first night, so loud we could hardly hear the tv. There was no consoling her. Needless to say, we were a little worried about what kind of dog we had chosen. Upon waking up on Day 2, she was a completely different dog. She was really mellow, just followed us around everywhere, and slept. She has been like that for the past 4 days and we are loving her. Nothing like the first night! I think her pain meds have something to do with this because she is finally starting to be a little more playful today. So far her favorite things are chasing birds during walks, chewing on her bone, and sleeping.