>We just couldn’t resist this face as we walked the aisles of the SLO animal shelter. The newest addition to the Romano family is this loveable yellow lab retreiver. During summer lonesomeness while Tim works all day, I have been searching for dogs. I realized that I had an exact dog in mind and wouldn’t give up until I found her. We can’t wait to get her out of the pound, and out from behind bars to bring home. She has to get spayed first so we will have her on Tuesday. She is about 2 or 3 yrs old, so hopefully the puppy stage is mostly over. (Especially since I found the dog 3 days before I have to start school again) We have never been to a pound to see the dogs, let alone rescue one, but it was definitely a rewarding feeling knowing that we saved her from the kill shelter. I’m sure there will be lots more pictures of her to come as soon as they let her out of that cage!