After months of watching Tim struggle to grow tomatoes here in San Luis, he finally picked his first and only one this week. You would never know that our tomato plant wasn’t thriving in the backyard by its size. It has climbed over the 5ft fence and is about 4ft wide. I have never seen a plant so large with no tomatoes on it. As many nurturing things that Tim has tried to get it to fruit, I just don’t think it is warm enough here to grow. I headed home to Fresno this week to see my parents where the tomatoes are definitely ripe on the vines. They get some serious sun. My parents have oranges, plums, apricots, nectarines, avacados, strawberries, squash, tomatoes, and probably more things than I am remembering in their backyard. And to me, there is nothing like valley fruit in the summertime. I got so spoiled growing up, I will not buy an orange in the grocery store here. So Tim made sure to remind me numerous times to bring back tomatoes from my parents. There is nothing like a good bacon and tomato sandwich in the summertime!