Every year I get to take the 5th grade camping for three days in the spring! This is the first time many of the students have been away to camp and sometimes a first for students to spend a few nights away from their parents! So you can imagine the fun I have. I’m not sure how it happened but I managed to teach the only elementary school grade level with three days of camp in its curriculum.

The two big scary things at camp are the million ticks and infestation of poison oak. Keeping 30 students out of those is the hard part. This year I am proud to announce that I only had to remove three ticks from children! Two in the neck and one on the head. Gross! I just keep telling myself that this has to be good preparation for being a mom someday.

The students got to experience many things like dissecting squids, hiking, rock climbing, campfires, skits, and squeaky bunk beds! I chose the bottom bunk with a student above me who could have won the award for the loudest snorer in the fifth grade. Just my luck.

This was also the first week that Tim and I did not spend together since we have been married. He was away on a business trip to Sacramento. The first night at camp I was able to talk to him on the phone and give him the update on camp life. We discussed how none of the kids had gotten sick yet and everyone was doing so well. Well….. little did I know that when I arrived back to my cabin, I would find throw up spewed all over the deck in front of my door. I had spoken too soon and would have a late night cleaning up throw up and helping a student get home. Thank goodness camp is only about 10 minutes away from San Luis Obispo. In the end, we all survived and all I have to show for it are a few pictures and some poison oak on my ankle. Ouch!